February 11

Ernest Tubb’s Classic Single “Walking the Floor Over You”

How long are you willing to waiting for the person you love? Will your patience last a lifetime or only until you get over them? Some people get over someone when they begin to realize they are not coming back. However, others wait patiently for the rest of their lives, even hoping every day for their loved one to come back.

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Photo Credit: Ernest Tubb/ nashvillesongwritersfoundation.com

The Content of “Walking the Floor Over You”

The patience of waiting for someone is perfectly captured in Ernest Tubb’s classic song “Walking the Floor Over You.” In 1941, Tubb wrote the song about a man who waits for the woman he loves and clings on to her promise that she will return back to him. But, he realized that she was never coming back.

You left me and you went away

You said you’d be back and just that day

You’ve broken your promise and you left me here alone

He recognizes the pain she gave him and knows that it’s hurting him a lot, but he chooses to wait for her even until the day he dies.

Now someday you may be lonesome too

Walking the floor is good for you

Just keep right on walking and it won’t hurt you to cry

Remember that I love you and I will the day I die

This may be called love, but others called this martyrdom. However, whatever we would like to call it, we cannot do anything if someone is deeply in love, only time can tell.

A Honky Tonk Song

Tubb made a record with this single as people considered it to be the first honky tonk song in its genre. In the first release of his song, Tubb was accompanied by an acoustic and electric guitar only. His first version secured the number thirty-one spot on the country chart.

Other Versions

Other artists who covered “Walking the Floor Over You” were Patti Page, Glen Campbell, and George Hamilton IV. There was also a version of Merle Haggard collaborating with Tubb.


Ernest Tubb

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