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“Waiting in the Water:” A Song of Healing by The Isaacs

The Holy Scripture is overflowing with stories about Jesus’ healing power. He was like a “walking hospital” that cures all types of physical illnesses of anyone who comes to him. But aside from physical ailments, Jesus also heals those who are sick in spirit. People who are withdrawn from God have a restless heart. Upon realizing that it’s only Him who could provide them the rest they needed, drawing closer to the Almighty and Divine Physician would facilitate their healing process. God is always ready and very much willing to heal anyone of us. However, without our willingness to have Him in our lives, He can not heal us.

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Posted by The Isaacs on Saturday, September 29, 2018

The Song About Healing

Countless gospel songs and hymns have been written on the theme of Jesus’ healing. “Waiting in the Water” by The Isaacs is just one of the many examples. The song was penned by the singing group’s members Rebecca Isaacs Bowman, Sonya Isaacs, and Jimmy Yearly. The song is a testament of faith in God’s ability to heal anyone. The narrator recounts explicitly the story of a blind man who received healing from Jesus.

The title of the song “Waiting in the Water” refers to that area where Jesus told the blind man to go and wash his face. After following what Jesus told him, the man was finally able to see. As the line would attest,

The miracle promised by my father
Is waiting in the water

Aside from the blind man’s story, another account of healing is told in the song. Such story tackles the narrator’s spiritual healing. While she’s physically able to see, she’s been living in the dark oftentimes. Despite such, she believes in God’s promise that no matter what happens, He’ll never leave her. And believing in the miracle that’s waiting in the water, she said,

I know along the way
I may stumble and I may fall
But I’ll make it to the water
Even if I have have to crawl

Listen and be inspired by The Isaacs’ beautiful song about Christ’s healing, “Waiting in the Water” below.


Song of Healing, The Isaacs, Waiting in the Water

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