“Wagon Wheel” by Darius Rucker is an awesome country song guaranteed to lift our spirits when we are feeling down and lonely.

wagon wheel, darius rucker

via Darius Rucker’s Twitter

Songs have a way of swaying our emotions, depending on what we are listening to. Songs can immediately change our emotions into whatever the song is trying to convey. A song that is able to sway us like this is kind of a sign of a great song, and in country music, there are many like that. Here is one great example of it.

Listening to “Wagon Wheel” will instantly lift our moods for the better and is guaranteed to never fail at giving listeners a smile and warm feeling inside.

If you are ever feeling down or sad, give this song a listen to instantly bring a little more color to your day. We’ve all been there, days where we just feel slow, sluggish, down, or sad. During these days, we often see everything as dull or gray and end up being less productive than we have to or we just end up roaming around doing nothing just like me.

A Background On The Song “Wagon Wheel”

Though the most popular version we know of this song is the one from Darius Rucker, it was originally intended for someone else in a much earlier time.

The song was originally composed for the Billy the Kid movie and was recorded by Bob Dylan. The song’s name was also originally called “Rock Me Mama,” but it was never released, in fact, it wasn’t even finished.

The only thing surviving from the original song was the chorus bit, hence the first line in having the lyrics “Rock me mama . . .” which was the main title.

Eventually, Ketch Secor of the band Old Crow Medicine Show, a bluegrass band, added in the other verses for the song.

In 2012, Darius Rucker recorded “Wagon Wheel” for his album True Believers.  Darius’ version is also great because he was able to keep the true bluegrass feeling despite this now being a contemporary song. It was his version that became such a huge hit, reaching number 1 on the country charts.

Take a listen to “Wagon Wheel” here and have a better day through it.