January 3

Praises in Vince Gill’s “Tell Me One More Time about Jesus”

Praises in Vince Gill's "Tell Me One More Time about Jesus" 1

We are starting a new year and what good way is there to start it than a praise song? Carried away with a lot of things that’s happened, we tend to forget how we can recharge for a new season. Okay, so allow us to recollect you one more time about Jesus.

In Relation to his Life

Vince Gill wrote this song together with his wife, Amy Grant, a contemporary Christian music writer. Released in 2006, it is the 10th track on his studio album “These Days” and the single “The Reason Why”. The song impacted his life in many ways. In one of his concerts, he was questioned on what he is doing with another man’s wife. We all know that both Vince and Amy came from marriage, got divorced and married each other after a few years. The female protester said that divorce plus remarriage is adultery. To which he responded,

“(Jesus) He also said a lot of stuff about forgiveness, about grace. You guys don’t have any of that”.

He did not defend himself. He instead kept on believing that time is the best healer of all wounds. Nothing has ever turned his faith down. Thus,

Tell me one more time about Jesus
All about forgiveness and grace
Tell me one more time about Jesus
I long to see my Savior’s face
Oh, I long to see my Savior’s face

And us….

Let’s also relate it to our everyday lives. We meet so many evils every day. Naming some; a disaster, crime, feuds with family or friends, greed, and even the simplest of problems. And then, we start to question ourselves. Some may even feel like he has committed the worst sin in his entire life. We are already at fault but are still stubborn to confess it. We thirst for money, power, and happiness in material things.

We’re not saying it’s all that bad. But, let us lean on to this song and couple our thirst for earthly things with knowing more about Jesus. We say, let us revisit our list of new things this year.

How about we put the longing of even a little faith, of God’s forgiveness, and of grace on top?


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