October 22

Vince Gill’s “Worlds Apart” Peaked on the Billboard Chart and Earned him a Grammy

On October 19, 1996, Vince Gill’s “Worlds Apart” peaked at the number five spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. It has been 22 years since then; however, the song is one of his greatest that it gave him the utmost accolade. In fact, it earned him a Grammy Award for “Best Male Country Vocal Performance.” Despite not peaking at number one, the song is still considered one of the most successful singles of his career.


In his career, Vince Gill has placed five number ones on the said chart. These include “Tryin’ to Get over You” which peaked on March 12, 1994, “One More Last Chance” which peaked on October 9, 1993, and “The Heart Won’t Lie” which peaked on April 10, 1993. The song was a duet with Reba McEntire. Besides, “Don’t Let Our Love Start Slippin’ Away” also peaked at number one on December 26, 1992, and “I Still Believe in You” peaked on September 5, 1992. The song became his very first to top the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Worlds Apart

Vince Gill, himself, along with Bob DiPiero wrote the words and lyrics of “Worlds Apart.” Vince Gill released the single on July 15, 1996. In addition, the song was part of his album “High Lonesome Sound.” The same album that provided us his other great tracks “High Lonesome Sound,” “Pretty Little Adriana,” “A Little More Love,” and “You and You Alone.”

Furthermore, “Worlds Apart” peaked at the number five spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart on October 19, 1996. It spent a total of twenty weeks on the chart. Above all, the song talks about a strained relationship.

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Vince Gill, Worlds Apart

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