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The Pail of Emotions In Vince Gill’s “Threaten Me With Heaven”

Country artists treasure the art of country music in a gospel song. Vince Gill is one of the country artists who sing gospel hymns in a gentle, soothing way. In his song ‘Threaten Me with Heaven,’ he assured that he would not go astray from the classic style that served him well. With a mix of good intentions and gospel characteristics, this song does not compromise anything he has become known for to achieve his goal of singing.

The Pail of Emotions In Vince Gill's “Threaten Me With Heaven” 1

“Threaten Me With Heaven” is a lengthy song with a message of layered complexity. The story behind how this song came to play is even bigger.

I can see the tears upon your face

No hiding place

You’re afraid that soon I will be gone 

Time will still go on.

“Threaten Me With Heaven”, The Making

Amy Grant, Dillon O’Brien and Will Owsley started writing “Threaten Me With Heaven,” at Gill’s house. Gill was playing golf at that time and when he arrived home, he saw the two working on the song. Amy and her co-writers that time, asked for Gill’s help since they felt stuck. Gill never hesitated to help them finish the song and was happy he did. Gill included the song on his 2011 album Guitar Slinger. On the other hand, Amy Grant included the song as the target version of her 2013 How Mercy Looks From Here album. Sadly, Owsley, Grant’s guitar player, took his life a year before Gill could even include it in his album. Vince performed this song at Will’s funeral. Every time he plays this song live, he precedes it by telling the story of Will, welling up in tears.

Who Said It First?

Vince Gill’s wife, Amy Grant, was the one who coined “Threaten Me With Heaven”. She started writing it after visiting her seriously ill former father-in-law. According to Grant, after listening to the doctor, the elderly man said,

“Well, what are they going to do? Threaten me with Heaven?”

While this song was written from the perspective of someone dying, as followers of Christ, we should not have a fear of dying. Sometimes, heaven is the best thing that can happen to a person. We should not be threatened with heaven, instead, embrace the possibility that someday we will be in His loving arms.

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