February 15

Vince Gill Sings How He Feels God’s Grace In ‘When My Amy Prays’

Vince Gill has recorded many songs with his wife Amy Grant before.  There is one song that Vince Gil secretly composed too, later on, dedicated to his wife.

Vince Gill Sings How He Feels God’s Grace In ‘When My Amy Prays’ 1

Dedicated To His Wife Before He Could Even Record It

On February 2017, country radio programmers and press attended Universal Music Group Nashville’s annual luncheon. The label hosted an almost two-hour performance from fourteen of the artists on their list. Each singer entertained the audience at the historic Ryman Auditorium to one acoustic song. Gill was part of the roster, and he told the crowd that he’d be playing “the newest song I’ve written”. Obviously, the song is one he wrote for and inspired by his wife, Amy Grant, for her birthday. Gill says,

“I had to be pretty truthful, and I had to be somewhat vulnerable for myself. We both grew up in completely different lights. She grew up in a church house, [going] two to three times a week, and I grew up in beer joints, and we had completely different family experiences. She had this great church life, and I had no church life.”

This sweet ballad had Gill singing of how when he feels lost, he runs to his wife. Evidently, the chorus goes,

“When my Amy prays

 When my Amy prays

That’s when I feel His grace.”

How ‘When My Amy Prays’ Really Inspired Vince

This song was in celebration of Grant’s birthday. What is most heart-warming is Gill could not stop being grateful for his wife’s love for Jesus. Gill mentioned how interesting how it is to grow old as a songwriter.  He is not afraid to be vulnerable and to tell the truth. And truly, this song speaks the truth about the couple. That, even if he speaks about not being religious, he proves is still blessed.

Press play on the video below to hear Gill’s song for Grant, written as a birthday gift because as he said: “I had not gotten anything good for her birthday”. Way too wonderful for a birthday gift, isn’t it? Let us know what you think. Leave a comment and share.


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