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“Next Big Thing:” Vince Gill Talks About Change in the World

"Next Big Thing:" Vince Gill Talks About Change in the World 1
Vince Gill |Photo Credits: biography.com

Vince Gill‘s stardom started in the late 1980’s through the 1990’s in which he has released plenty of massive hits earning him accolades to his name. By the start of the 21st century, his career was not as robust as the past decade. In fact, his first album of the new century was released in 2003. Nonetheless, his songs still made it to the charts and some even earned him several distinctions and awards. In 2004, he won a Grammy Award for Best Male Country Vocal Performance for his 2002 single, “Next Big Thing.” Continue reading to know more about this hit.

About the Song

Released in November 2002, “Next Big Thing” was originally recorded by American country music singer-songwriter and Oklahoma native Vince Gill. It is the first single as well as the title track from his tenth studio album of the same name. In addition, Gill co-penned the song with fellow singer-songwriters, Al Anderson and John Hobbs. Also, Gill produced this three-minute song for MCA Nashville Records. As mentioned earlier, the song earned Gill a Grammy Award in 2004.

Despite it winning Gill an award, “Next Big Thing” did not perform significantly on the country charts. In fact, it did not even enter the top ten, peaking only at no. 17 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs. While it failed to enter the top ten in the country music charts, it reached no. 5 on the Billboard Under Hot 100 Singles.

Behind the Song, Its Creation

Next Big Thing” is a playful song that shoves fun at the capricious nature of fame. In the song, Vince Gill warns a young whippersnapper saying,

“Live it up son, cause it don’t last long.”

"Next Big Thing:" Vince Gill Talks About Change in the World 2
Vince Gill |Photo Credits: live.theworldwidewolf.com

In an interview, Anderson revealed that Gill conceived the song with him (Anderson) and Gill’s keyboard player, John Hobbs. Moreover, he said that he met Gill at a Mothers Against Drunk Driving benefit concert. Apparently, Gill met Anderson and told him about the song concept in which the latter agreed to.

“He came over at the end and said, ‘Let’s write one.’ But I was afraid to call him. Because he’s really good. But his keyboard player, John Hobbs, put it together and the first thing we wrote was ‘Next Big Thing.'”

"Next Big Thing:" Vince Gill Talks About Change in the World 3
Al Anderson |Photo Credits: bigalanderson.com

Anderson was starstruck and all praises with Gill. He also shared that he was intimidated by him.

“I’m intimidated by Vince. He’s a great guitar player and a great mandolin player. He’s great at everything. Great guy and great writer.”

WATCH: Vince Gill performs his 2003 Grammy-award winning country hit, “Next Big Thing.”

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Next Big Thing, Vince Gill

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