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“Why Me Lord”: Vince Gill & Little Big Town’s Amazing Rendition

"Why Me Lord": Vince Gill & Little Big Town's Amazing Rendition 1
Vince Gill together with Little Big Town performs “Why Me Lord” at the Grand Ole Opry. |Photo Credits: axs.com

Why Me, Lord” was a massive hit for Kris Kristofferson, a song that boosted his career especially in the 1970’s. His other notable songs include For the Good Times, Me and Bobby McGee, Sunday Morning Coming Down, and Help Me Make It Through the Night. The  As a matter of fact, Kristofferson came up with the song after attending a religious service. He was touched and humbled by what he has witnessed. Hence, it became more of a heart-changing and reflection song for him.

To note, the song is one of the most recorded and covered country gospel tunes across the globe. In addition, fellow country music artists have already covered the said song. The most notable performances include Elvis Presley’s in 1974 and George Jones’ both in 1974, Merle Haggard’s in 1981, and Johnny Cash’s in 1994. Conway Twitty’s version was released after his death in 1994.

Vince Gill & Little Big Town Duet

On October 17, 2014, at the Grand Ole Opry, country music star Vince Gill joined the 15-year-old quartet Little Big Town in a duet of Kristofferson’s hit. Jimi Westbrook, a member of the quartet, opened the song with a tasty rendition of the first lines. The remaining performers came in and sang the chorus together blending their golden voices in harmony. Obviously, Gill showed his respect to the artists as he let them shine on their own.

After the performance, Little Big Town was officially inducted with Gill himself and Little Jimmy Dickens presenting the group as an official member of the Opry.

"Why Me Lord": Vince Gill & Little Big Town's Amazing Rendition 2
Vince Gill |Photo Credits: billboard.com

WATCH: Little Big Town and Vince Gill perform Kris Kristofferson’s “Why Me Lord” live at the Grand Ole Opry in 2014.


Little Big Town’s Induction at the Grand Ole Opry

"Why Me Lord": Vince Gill & Little Big Town's Amazing Rendition 3
Little Big Town (Phillip Sweet, Kimberly Schlapman, Karen Fairchild, and Jimi Westbrook) |Photo Credits: grammy.com

A wish come true, the journey of the Little Big Town to stardom came in when they were inducted at the Grand Ole Opry on October 17, 2014. The quartet, whose members are Phillip Sweet, Kimberly Schlapman, Karen Fairchild, and Jimi Westbrook, was head over heels grateful to the decision of the Opry. Indeed, Little Big Town totally deserves the recognition as they are a platinum-selling group whose market spans worldwide. Prior to their official induction, country music star Reba McEntire surprised the group upon inviting them to be an Opry member.

Little Big Town started as young hopefuls in country music almost 20 years ago. In fact, they made their debut performance on the Opry stage in 1999 the same time they formed the group.

In an interview with Rolling Stone Country, Phillip Sweet revealed:

“This was the first place where we ever played in front of human beings in a public way. We didn’t have a band, we didn’t have any musicians. It was just us… “

On the other hand, fellow member Jimi Westbrook chimed in and said:

“And one borrowed guitar.”

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