December 21

Vince Gill Joins Red Marlow On The Voice Season 13 Finale

During the finale night of The Voice Season 13, Vince Gill collaborated with the show’s country finalist, Red Marlow. Together, Gill and Marlow performed When I Call Your Name while they both strummed their guitar with much precision and grace.

Red Marlow sang Swingin by John Anderson when he auditioned and joined Team Blake. Prior to joining The Voice, Marlow moved to Nashville in the hopes of pursuing his career in music. Because his dad is a preacher, his childhood revolved around a lot of gospel and bluegrass songs. He then became a demo singer, and for 15 years he was able to get by through performing songs for songwriters. But his dream of becoming a solo artist was no easy goal to achieve. He struggled to get his big break until he had to pause his career for a while to support his family. He then went on to open his own construction firm, Mr. Fix All.

It was The Voice that gave him a final shot at making his ambition to be a successful country artist come true.

Sharing the stage with a legendary country singer-songwriter and a world-class guitarist like Vince Gill was the right choice for Marlow. Gill’s achievements, particularly his massive hit, When I Call Your Name in 1990, seemed to have reflected Red Marlow’s passion and commitment to go beyond his comfort zone and establish himself as a serious and talented artist. It let the Tennessee-based contestant relay just how much being onstage and sharing his own voice to the world meant to him.

In the end, he finished in fourth place, following fellow contestants Brooke Simpson, Addison Agen, and Season 13 winner Chloe Kohanski.

Now, Marlow can use his experience as a platform for pursuing his musical career once more. Perhaps he can also show the critics that the true essence of country music is still burning within every aspiring new artist that the industry encounters each day.


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