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Vince Gill Presents Us with This Breathtaking Love Song

You’ll know that you really love someone when every time they’re around, they make you feel happy. Sometimes, being with them is the best feeling in the world. Whenever you’re with someone you love, they take your breath away each time they speak or touch you. This is what Vince Gill is talking about in his song “Whenever You Come Around.”

Vince Gill on stage playing his guitar
Photo Credit: Vince Gill/ Official Facebook Page

The Content of “Whenever You Come Around”

Gill’s single speaks of a love that makes you feel like the whole world is spinning yet in a good way. The narrator talks of the way he feels when his lover is with him. The love he feels for her and he receives from her are the best thing that happened in his life.

And when you smile that smile

The whole world turns upside down

Whenever you come around

Because the narrator considers his lover as his whole life, he knows that when she disappears from his life, everything would end.

I get weak in the knees; and I lose my breath

Oh I try to speak but the words won’t come

I’m so scared to death

And when you smile the world turns upside down

Chart Performance of the Song

This lovely romantic single of Gill was released from his album When Love Finds You. “Whenever You Come Around” was released in 1994 as a single. It went to number two on the Billboard country chart and number seventy-two on the Billboard Hot 100. Gill also secured a spot on the Canadian chart.

When Love Finds You, The Album

Despite reaching number two on the Top Country Albums chart, his album still received mixed reviews. But, that doesn’t stop us from listening to the songs in his album. Aside from “Whenever You Come Around,” Gill released five more songs from his album as a single. “What the Cowgirls Do,” “When Love Finds You,” “Which Bridge to Cross (Which Bridge to Burn),” and “You Better Think Twice” all entered the top 10 of the country chart. Meanwhile, his single “Go Rest High on That Mountain” reached number fourteen on the country chart.

Find a love that will take your breath away just like the man in Vince Gill’s song “Whenever You Come Around.”


Vince Gill

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