November 2

Do You Still Remember Vince Gill’s When I Call Your Name?

We all love and revere Vince Gill for all the wonderful music he has introduced into our ears and hearts throughout his career. He has never undoubtedly brought his fans down, thanks to his seamlessly beautiful and captivating voice. In that regard, here’s another wonderful trip down memory lane as we reminisce the very song that led Vince Gill to his first-ever gold win.

When I Call Your Name was Vince Gill’s 1989-released album. The album was the country singer’s first recorded compilation under MCA Records, where he co-wrote 11 of the tracks featured on the CD. It was an instant hit that it sold over 500,000 copies worldwide and debuted at No. 6 on the Canada Country Tracks chart, and No. 2 on the US Hot Country Songs Billboard.

It was the fourth album released by Gill that ultimately became a certified double platinum in no time. By the time it reached double platinum status, its sales have already soared to over 2 million! Next thing Vince Gill knew, he was in for a long line-up of more successful bouts in his career. One of the following five records he released thereafter gained yet another platinum certification.

To top it off, Gill was even awarded a CMA in 1990 and bagged Single of the Year in 1991 for When I Call Your Name. In addition, he was deemed as the recipient for Best Country Vocal Performance (Male) at the Grammy Awards- a definite first for the renowned singer.

Gill describes When I Call Your Name as a “really traditional country record”. He adds that he really adores “deep, deep-rooted hardcore, twangy kind of country music, the old school stuff.” He has openly remarked his general dislike for the more contemporary style of country music.

The contemporary side is okay, I’ve done some of it. But I’m not as crazy about it as I am those great old records of the 50’s and 60’s that I grew up on and, to me, is the definition of what country music is.”

All in all, Gill describes his big win for the said album as,

I think it’s as simple as having the right record at the right time, having the right song at the right time. As I go back and listen to my earlier records, I’m not surprised that they’re not hits. Hit records sometimes are not necessarily that great either. It takes one to have another. You can’t have the second one until you have the first one.”


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