August 3

This Video of a Haunted Hotel in Texas Will Definitely Creep You Out!

A man from Texas was surprised when he checked-in at a haunted hotel in Harlingen, Texas last week. He encountered a paranormal entity instead of relaxing and enjoying his evening stay in the hotel.

A lot of people believe and are afraid of the unknown. Some are also fascinated by it. Strange things happen all around the world almost every second. This paranormal encounter is just an example and it creeps the hell out of me and it sends shivers up my spine.

This Video of a Haunted Hotel in Texas Will Definitely Creep You Out! 1

Frank Ramirez started to notice something strange in the room when he was just turning in for the night. A lot of things began moving around on their own. Like the telephone jumping out of its cradle and had trouble staying in there. Some plastic cups in the toilet flies off the counter where nothing is to be seen to touch or move the cups to make it fly. When he notices that there is something fishy going on, he immediately grabs his camera and starts filming. While Ramirez was explaining what was going on, the phone just jumps out of its cradle. Throughout the duration of almost 6 minutes, he captures few strange occurrences. He even spoke to the entity and the entity answered by moving something. The phone kept falling out of its cradle on its own. The towel he leaves over the counter falls on the floor and it seems that there was something or someone that pulled the towel to fall.

The video is creepy as hell. Millions of people already viewed this video and some didn’t doubt that the video is real. While some people are having trouble believing that the video is not a hoax. So what do you think? Do you also believe that this video is real? Comment down below and let us know.


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