February 7

Best Loved Hymns IX: Victory in Jesus

Through Jesus’s saving grace, we received victory over death and the power of sin. But, it did not stop there. When we tap into his strength, he continuously gives us victory over life’s challenges.

That said, why not sing along with Mr. Jimmy Fortune in one of the most cherished hymns in history.

Jimmy Fortune in “Victory in Jesus”

The Songwriter
Best Loved Hymns IX: Victory in Jesus 1

Eugene Monroe Bartlett Sr. (December 24, 1885 – January 25, 1941)

Having gained success in business, he founded Hartford Music Company in Hartford, Arkansas in 1918. His mission was to publish hymns and to promote the method of ‘sight-reading.’ Not a few singers and musicians benefited from the said method. Also, his music company opened doors of opportunities for gospel composers and hymnists.

In 1939, a stroke paralyzed his body. Unable to work nor travel, he spent his waking hours reading and studying the bible. Amidst news of war and bleak living conditions, Mr. Barlett penned “Victory in Jesus.”

Shortly two years after his stroke, Mr. Barlett died. His body was buried at the Oak Hill Cemetery in Siloam Springs in Benton County. He was 56.

In 1973, Mr. Bartlett was inducted into the Gospel Music Association’s Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Hymn

Victory in Jesus was first published in the paperback songbook called, “Gospel Choruses.” By 1960’s, said hymn became popular among evangelical groups. Numerous quartets and gospel singers were optimistic about including the song in their performances. Soon, it appeared on the pages of more hymnals.

What was endearing about “Victory in Jesus” was the concept of victory presented by Mr. Barlett. It did not come at the end of something like death or in the finale to a task. It began the time a person surrendered his life to Christ. Already a victor, the believer then has to secure his assurance that he already won and walk in that belief.


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