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“Victory in Jesus”: A Song for Our Soul, Our Ultimate Goal

“Victory in Jesus”: A Song for Our Soul, Our Ultimate Goal 1
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God continuously manifests his boundless love for us in countless ways. But, there couldn’t be any greater expression of His love than sending His only begotten Son to die on the cross and redeem the world. This subject matter repeatedly serves as a center of discussion in many church services, testimonial meetings, and Bible studies. Likewise, many of the gospel songs we love to sing focused on this theme. Talking and singing about Jesus’ saving grace would surely make our savior happy. He deserves it and it’s our call to honor Him for the great things He has done for us. Indeed, there is a victory in Jesus, our Savior.

Here is another song that immensely declares the miraculous acts of Jesus and His great sacrifice. Entitled Victory in Jesus,” the tune was written by Eugene Monroe Bartlett, Sr. It was among the last songs that he wrote before he passed away. The hymn’s inspiring message and joyful vibe made it become Bartlett’s best-known and most embraced gospel song. Furthermore, it provides an optimistic reminder of the hope there is in heaven. As the last refrain says,

I heard about a mansion
He has built for me in glory.
And I heard about the streets of gold
Beyond the crystal sea;
About the angels singing,
And the old redemption story,
And some sweet day I’ll sing up there
The song of victory.

Let us sing “Victory in Jesus” with Cynthia Clawson.

The Man Behind the Hymn

Missouri-born Eugene Bartlett was an author and composer at the same time but his greatest profession was teaching music. He made use of his God-given talents to serve God and others through music. At a young age, he became a sought-after music teacher. For over two decades, Bartlett directed many singing schools in different countries including Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama, and Tennessee. In 1918, he put up the Hartford Music Co. located in Hartford, Ark. Along with this, he printed numerous songbooks that featured his songs and those from other contemporary writers. Also, he spent several years as an editor for Herald of Song, a monthly music magazine. Promoting singing schools, news on local personalities and advertising the newest books were among other things he had done during his lifetime.

“Victory in Jesus”: A Song for Our Soul, Our Ultimate Goal 2
Eugene M. Bartlett, Sr. | Photo credit: Youtube

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Cynthia Clawson, Eugene Bartlett Monroe, Sr., Victory in Jesus

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