July 21

Veteran’s Heartwarming Sign Turns on Waterworks for Miranda Lambert


Miranda Lambert was in for a tear-jerking surprise after a fan raised a sign that spilled just how much her music influenced his life. For her fans, Lambert’s songs perfectly complement different shades of emotions and all the highs and lows of their lives.


Veteran’s Heartwarming Sign Turns on Waterworks for Miranda Lambert 1

Lambert shares,

Every record I’ve ever made has been a reflection of where I am right then in my life, however old I am. And I’ve never held back at all. But this time, with what I happened to be going through in my life, being honest was never really a good choice. Everybody knew anyway. So I just said, I’m gonna journal it, and—good days and bad days—use it for my art.

A solid demonstration of how powerful the country singer’s melody was witnessed once again during her concert in Hartford, Connecticut, Friday night of August. She had just began performing her song, The House that Built Me, at the Xfinity Center in Hartford. Shortly after belting out the first few lines, her eyes landed on a sign that read,

“3 combat hours… [Your] voice was the last thing I listened to EVERY NIGHT! THANK YOU!!!”

Evidently moved by the fan’s deeply sentimental message, Lambert stepped away from her microphone, reached out to the crowd, then took the sign. She held the sign high up onstage and the crowd was in a frenzy. Although she was obviously on the brink of breaking down, Lambert tried to choke the waterworks up and smiled at her audience. She even tried to continue performing but to no avail—she could no longer keep the tears from falling. Lambert falters and wipes her tears while the veteran received a hug from one of the people in the audience with him.

Second verse! I gotta get a drink; y’all gotta do it.

She told the spectators, leaving the stage to her band to keep the music playing. Backstage, Lambert swiped a glass of water while her fans did as they were told. Soon, Lambert was able to regain her composure, just in time to perform her newest, angsty single, Vice.



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