November 13

VETERANS DAY: 10 Country Stars Who Served the Country (Part 2)

The long wait is over! In the first part, we have revealed that George Strait, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Conway Twitty, and Craig Morgans have all been part of the United States Military. This Veterans Day, we greatly honor and respect them for the love they have poured for our great nation. Hence, here is the most-awaited second part of the ten country stars who proudly served our nation.

6. Johnny Cash

VETERANS DAY: 10 Country Stars Who Served the Country (Part 2) 1
Johnny Cash | Photo Credits:


Before becoming one of the most iconic names in country music, Johnny Cash also showed his patriotism by entering the U.S. Air Force. On July 7, 1950, he enlisted himself and was assigned to the U.S. Air Force Security Service in Germany. He was a Morse Code operator back then.

Quite risky, his main responsibility was to intercept Soviet Army transmissions. Most notably, he was the first radio operator who received the news about Soviet leader Joseph Stalin’s passing.

While overseas, Cash formed his first band called The Landberg Barbarians. He was then discharged on July 3, 1954, and continued to make music until his death. Now, he is greatly remembered as “The Man in Black,” the Great Johnny Cash.

7. Josh Gracin

VETERANS DAY: 10 Country Stars Who Served the Country (Part 2) 2
Josh Gracin during “American Idol 2” Finalist Josh Gracin Performs a Special Military Salute Aboard the USS Intrepid at USS Intrepid in New York City, New York, United States. (Photo by Carley Margolis/FilmMagic)

In case you didn’t know, Josh Gracin was one of the finalists on the second season of American Idol. Before joining the singing competition, he first served the country as a U.S. Marine. In fact, he was still in the Marines when he auditioned for Idol back in 2003. When he got in and finished the show, he went back and completed his service as a marine.

Gracin continued to amaze us when he opted to travel across the country to promote the Marines instead of joining his fellow Idols on tour. Not only did he promote the Marines, but also recruit new people to join. His love of the country remained in him until his honorable discharge in September 2004.

After his military experience, Gracin went on to release a number of hits, including “Stay with me” and “We Weren’t Crazy.”

8. Jamey Johnson

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Jamey Johnson | Photo Credits:

One of the contemporary artists we have now, Jamey Johnson actually dropped out of college to enter the U.S. Marine Corps. For a total of eight years, he served the Marines and went on to attain the rank of corporal.

Keeping his love for music, he would enjoy performing for his fellow marines. As a result, they encouraged him to pursue a career in music. Hence, once he got out of the Marines, Johnson began playing country music in bars and local pubs. Some of his songs on his debut album even mentioned his military service.

9. George Jones

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George Jones | Photo Credits:


In 1951, George Jones joined the U.S. Marine Corps. He served a total of two years before he totally got out in 1953. “The Possum” spent his entire service in San Jose, California.

Before becoming a country music star, Jones recorded his first song a year after his discharge. Regarded as one of the greatest country artists, he went on to produce some of the finest country songs including his hits, “He Stopped Loving Her Today” and “White Lightnin’.”

10. Gene Autry

VETERANS DAY: 10 Country Stars Who Served the Country (Part 2) 5
Gene Autry | Photo Credits:

For most of the artists we have mentioned earlier, they joined first the military before they earned their spotlight in country music. However, this last artist on our list seems to be the other way. “The Singing Cowboy” Gene Autry actually joined the military after he gained his popularity. In fact, Autry was already a country music star and an actor when he decided to serve the U.S. Army in 1942.

Working in the United States Army Air Corps, Autry served as a tech sergeant. Also, he earned a private pilot’s license and became a military pilot. As a result, he worked as a C-109 transport pilot and flew during a risky operation over the Himalayas.

Returning home from the Army, he continued to mesmerize the audience with his smooth voice and stunning talent.

That’s all folks! We actually have more artists who have shown their patriotism, but these are the most prominent in their field.

This Veterans Day, we do honor the great men and women who have dignified the country by serving and showing love. Here at Country Daily, we respect and appreciate all our veterans did for this country and us. Indeed, they are our living heroes! Long live, our veterans! God bless your hearts!


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