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Versions of “I Can’t Help It” You Will Surely Love


Hank Williams written and originally recorded “I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still in Love with You)” on MGM records. It landed at number two on the Billboard Country singles chart in 1951. The song’s sad and begging lines would make you listen to it all over again. In the middle of my obsession searching for covers, I ended up with a long list because I forgot to set a limit. Surprisingly, my best list was cut to two. Hank Williams had a version of the song with Anita Carter. Charley Pride also performed the song on his Opry debut. Rejoice! You will watch them both.

Versions of “I Can't Help It” You Will Surely Love 1

An Almost Funny Lyrical Ending

According to the Hank Williams: The Biography book, fiddler Jerry Rivers always claimed that Hank wrote the song in the Touring Sedan. When he came up with the first line, “Today I passed you on the street,” he asked for suggestions on how to proceed. Steel guitarist Don Helms replied, “And I smelled your rotten feet.” 

The song was later on recorded at Castle Studio Nashville, Tennessee on March 16, 1951. Williams’ Drifting Cowboys band backed him on the session. Williams was backed on the session.

Two Best Versions

During an episode of the Kate Smith Evening Hour on April 23, 1952, Williams sang the song with Anita Carter. This rare television appearance is one of Williams of the few film clips performing. Realize how powerful Hank’s music is, even if we take away history. There are so many lines that give us goosebumps. His songs do not include deep metaphors or flowery adjectives. All we feel are lingering emotions. Williams truly has that rare gift to be able to write so simply, but powerfully.

January 7th, 1967 was a groundbreaking achievement for the first African-American solo singer, Charley Pride, to ever perform on the Opry. An all-time disciple of Hank Williams, Pride picked Hank’s “I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still in Love With You),” to perform on his Opry debut. By 1969, Pride was on a roll, with a string of chart-toppers. Charley sure had the best choice of song. This performance made luck come to him in dominoes.

What do you think about our pick, dear listeners? Let us know what your personal pick is in the comments below.


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