March 12

Taking Control on the Wheel of Life, “Keep It Between the Lines”

“Keep It Between the Lines” is about a story of a person on learning how to drive with his father. The story expands on the phrase “keep it between the lines” to mention God and life in general.

In one’s early teens, learning how to drive is exciting yet nerve-wracking—a feeling of being overwhelmed. Well, this is certainly natural. For us long-time drivers, we sometimes forget how complex driving a car can be until we teach it again. For fathers, the thought of helping their children learn how to operate this helpful yet dangerous machine is terrifying. If a dad will take time to prepare, work on building every skill, and work with his teenager in a patient manner, he can make a difference. Surely, that teen’s driving will be of huge impact at present and in the future.

That also applies to parenting. Parenting is difficult, especially if you are a single parent. However, if you have the right attitude and patience to teach your child how life works, then it will also make a difference in their life. Yes, they have a choice. However, if they have the foundation, it will be easy for them to make decisions because they have a basis to look upon. Like driving, growing up is very difficult. But if we guide them and break it down into steps, they can learn on their own. Moreover, they can create their own practices, and they can always remember what you taught them.

“Keep It Between the Lines” is a song written by Russell Smith and Kathy Louvin, and recorded by American country music singer Ricky Van Shelton. Released in July 1991, it was the second single from his CD Backroads and was the tenth and final chart-topper of his career.

There was a music video that came out in mid-1991. Deaton Flanigen directed and produced the music video for “Keep It Between the Lines”.


keep it between the lines, Ricky Van Shelton

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