There are many luxuries in our lives today, so many that we end up not knowing which are actually needed at all. Which ones we should value as Christians?


Luxuries in life, are we paying too much attention to them? Image from Flickr

If any of you have ever been to places like Amazon, Target, or Costco lately, you would see the many luxuries just dotted around waiting in plain sight for us to grab them.


How many times have we ended up wasting money in places like Costco? Image from Flickr

So many things are just all around us lately that it is just impossible to escape them. Most of these things are marketed to us as though they are an essential part of our life; others are disguised like they are. One thing is for certain though, we can’t stop buying them. Whether they are actually needed or not, a lot of us place great value on them thinking that they must be part of our lives.

A personal example is when I bought an auto-feeder for my dog. Did I need it? Not really, no. I am completely capable of feeding my dog, I never forget to do it, nor am I too busy that I neglect to do it. Basically, this product only made me lazier by allowing me to skip a task, it also didn’t really help my dog as it tended to overfeed it by placing too much food on the bowl.


Example of a pet auto-feeder. Image from the PetCo website

There are so many products that we tend to end up buying only to do nothing with it in the end, so should we really be placing any value on these things as Christians at all?

God Values Us and Are Saved Because Of It

We are all guilty of spending a lot of money, affection, and energy on things that we say are worthy but aren’t actually. When we do end up buying them, what’s worse is we always starve for more because of our sinful cravings.

When we end up placing value on the wrong things, it will never satisfy us. It will always make us crave for more. However, because of God’s mercy, He gave us Jesus who had to come and pay for our salvation that way we can be saved.


Where should we place our value as Christians? Image from Pexels

By doing this we have been allowed to a place where all that we ever need or want is given to us and are satisfied greatly through it. We have been allowed into heaven because of Jesus. So as Christians, we need to place our values on Jesus, live for Him who died for us and invest our money, love, and energy on the right things.

Let’s reflect on what we should value while listening to “Jesus, Take All Of Me (Just As I Am)” a great reminder that Jesus values us very much despite our shortcomings.

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