October 29

Valerie June’s “Astral Plane” is a Good Pick-Me-Up for the Soul

Dancing on the Astral Plane

The first question that Valerie June’s “Astral Plane” ask you is,

“Is there a light you have inside you?”

Which, okay. Point One: The song gives you an immediate point of reflection, which sets the whole tone of the song. “Astral Plane” is inherently reflective, and joyous in a way. It celebrates the idea of patience in what’s to come and appreciation in what you have right now. Point Two: “Astral Plane” is very optimistic with its message of ‘everybody blooms differently’ and ‘our time of blossoming will come too.’

“Astral Plane” is an airy song, with a hint of June’s signature mix of Appalachian, bluegrass, and soul. The melody gives you a massive amount of room for interpretation. And if you really just want something that would totally be perfect for a cool afternoon in the backyard, this is the song for you. “Astral Plane” is mainly unassuming yet, it invokes a powerful sense of relatability with it.  

At the end of the verses, the question would turn into a statement.

“There is a light

You have inside you

[You] can touch”

Well, June isn’t entirely wrong about that. As Carl Sagan famously said,

“The cosmos is within us. We are made of stardust.” And to me, that’s truly incredible.

Listen to the amazing tune here!

Valerie June and The Order of Time

Valerie June grew up in a space filled with blues and gospel. And when she started performing as a solo artist, she had the grand idea to combine those two, with the Appalachian folk that was abundant in her home state. In an interview, she describes it as an:

“organic moonshine roots music”

Her musical career flourished with her hard work and perseverance. And recently, she opened for John Prine in a sold-out performance.

“Astral Plane” can be found in June’s second studio album “The Order of Time.”


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