“The Chair,” one of the iconic songs from the ’80s, was brought to us by one of Country’s most legendary stars, George Strait.

the chair

Image taken from George Strait’s official Facebook page

Need a good classic song to listen to, or maybe a song to feel nostalgic? Looking for a good country song to sing, or just an awesome song to jam with? Perhaps we need a good song to help us make that first move? Well, lucky for us, George Strait gave us the answer to all that with the classic “The Chair.”

Use “The Chair” to Get That Lady’s Name 11

Image from George Strait’s official Facebook page

I remember when some of my friends would hang out at our favorite spot downtown. Sometimes we see someone who catches our attention and almost like instinct, we try to get to know them a little better. However, that doesn’t always succeed mostly because we don’t really know how to properly make the first move.

In situations like these, I am always reminded of “The Chair” and end up just singing it to myself. Sometimes my friends sing along and we just have a good time when we fail to get the girl. At one time though, a friend tried the trick presented in the song and to my surprise, it actually worked.

Now, it is not a guarantee that this method would work all the time, but it is nice that we have at least one plan to use on those times we want to meet, thanks to George Strait.

the chair

image provided by CountryThangDaily

“The Chair” An Amusing Love Song About Flirting

I’m sure that for some of us out there, our love stories started with something like “we met at the bar” followed by an embarrassing story of how one of the couples tried so hard to flirt with the other. It is amusing and endearing to listen to such stories and experiences.

Stories like those always leave a sweet memory and are always cherished when retold. “The Chair” can be one such story, other than being a great classic country song. It is also a very relatable tale of how someone uses methods in trying to flirt with someone they like. It may not always end in success but we are always guaranteed a great story and memory.

Take a listen to this great classic once again and try out using “The Chair” method, who knows you may meet your future spouse this way or most likely, gain a new great story to tell.