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U.S. Marine “Answers” Dixie Chicks Song

U.S. Marine "Answers" Dixie Chicks Song 1

What was Dixie Chicks’ “Not Ready to Make Nice” all about?

“Not Ready To Make Nice” is probably the most controversial, yet most popular song for the Dixie Chicks. It aimed at then-President George Bush back in 2003. Controversy erupted over the Dixie Chicks because of the critical comment of vocalist Natalie Maines made of Bush while performing in a concert in London, United Kingdom started it all. In relation to the forthcoming invasion of Iraq, Maines said,

“…we don’t want this war, this violence, and we’re ashamed that the President of the United States is from Texas.”

“Taking the Long Way” was the first studio album released by the Dixie Chicks after that talked-about incident. The band indirectly voiced their thoughts and recations The controversy and the band’s reaction through the songs on the album.  And this includes the banning of their songs from country music radio stations and freedom of speech.“Not Ready to Make Nice” gathered the most number of feedbacks. The song was written by all three band members along with Dan Wilson.

Cpl. Thibodeaux’s reply to Dixie Chicks: I’m “Not Ready To End The Fight”

Corporal David Thibodeaux did not particularly appreciate the underlying message behind the Dixie Chicks’ song “Not Ready To Make Nice”. He then decided to release a song titled “Not Ready to End the Fight,” as a response.

“While I did like the underlying music from the song, the lyrics’ just didn’t sit well with me, many of my colleagues and other Americans.” -Cpl. Thibodeaux

He decided to send a message through “Not Ready To End The Fight.” He wanted to make a point, comment and answer the Dixie Chicks’ song. The song as well goes to all the other Hollywood stars that constantly overestimate their personal politics and their level of competence in foreign policy.

“I know there are very complicated issues that must be considered when undertaking a war. Certainly, I don’t pretend to have the solutions to any foreign policy issues. Also, I know that smart people can look at the same set of facts and events and often reach different conclusions. That is probably a good thing!

So anyone who characterizes these very complicated terrorism and war issues as very easy-and-simple need to try to at least try to see the other side of the issue… no matter what side you are on.” -Cpl. Thibodeaux

Cpl. Thibodeaux was 23 years old when he wrote the song, a husband, a father, a full-time Marine and part-time musician. He was born and reared in small-town Louisiana.  They now live in the Washington, D.C. area where he is presently stationed.

“To make a contribution to the Country and the war effort, I joined the Marine Corps upon my graduation from high school. I have served in combat in both Afghanistan and Iraq with extraordinarily unselfish and brave Americans.”

Get ready

So folks, whether you are not ready to make nice or not ready to end the fight, the most important thing is that you have to be ready with more challenges that this fast-changing world can bring. Keep that fighting spirit alive!

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Dixie Chicks, Not Ready to Make Nice

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