When your beloved is your number one fan in all the things you are passionate about, life can be like living on cloud nine. This must be how Keith Urban feels after his wife, Nicole Kidman was gushing over his new album, Ripcord, like a hardcore fangirl would. His eighth and latest album, Keith Urban received countless positive and warm feedback from celebrities and his fellow musicians. Keith Urban, like his lovely and ever-supportive wife, is well-known and widely adored by fans across the globe for their amazing talents and contributions in the world of music and film. The former was also a judge in one of the most famous singing contest shows in the US—American Idol. There, he was able to impart his commendable experience in music and guide aspiring musicians to be the best artist they can be and fulfill their dreams. By the way, if you want to build a log cabin, check out our cabin kit reviews here.

Meanwhile, fans, including Nicole couldn’t help but share their support through social media. In a recent tweet, Kidman posted a video of herself singing Wasted Time while she was on the set of her newest movie. The public enjoyed the thoughtful and sweet moment, flooding the celebrity couple’s social media accounts with overwhelming praise and adoration for the two. It also earned envious reactions from fans, while some said that Kidman and Urban’s relationship should set a new standard of relationship goals for couples across the nation. Truly, in an industry that is highly competitive and has the tendency to attract and revolve around big and small controversies, it’s tough to find that one solid partner you can count on and share dozens of memories with through all your ups and downs. In other words, the smallest gesture of love, acceptance, and encouragement can mean the world when the spotlight is constantly focused on your every move.

As if Kidman’s little gesture was not enough, Keith Urban shared a video of them not long after, where they had a funny duet for Keith’s latest single, The Fighter. Kidman was so ecstatic as the first few beats of the song filled the car they were in. ‘Oh my God, I love this song!’ the actress squealed; to which her husband Keith hilariously replied, ‘Thank goodness!’ Throw in unrestrained giggles, flirty smiles and loving glances, you can only wonder how the two were able to take the heat with all the mushy atmosphere going on between the couple. This beautiful and captivating video only testifies that The Fighter is Keith Urban’s special song for Nicole. Now, fans could not contain themselves and are even more eager for the next adorable video from the celebrity couple. Some are even speculating what Keith’s next song for Nicole would be, or if the latter would also have something a little extra special in store for her loving husband.

Who knows, right? But this power couple is definitely something—the genuinely sweet and adorable vibe they emit simply drives their fans to show a little more sweetness to their significant other.