July 22

Nicole Kidman Joins Keith Urban for a Duet in “The Fighter”

“The Fighter” has easily been one of my favorite songs because of its upbeat tune and lyrics. The original version of it with Carrie Underwood is already great but this duet between the couple is definitely something else. It’s really cute and sweet how the couple sang the song as if they are just talking to each other.


Nicole Kidman Joins Keith Urban for a Duet in "The Fighter" 1

Last May 12th, Urban shared this video of what I can consider an intimate moment between the sweet, lovely couple. When the song started, Kidman screamed:

“Oh my God, I love this song!”

Urban responded, “Thank goodness!” The songs started and there was even a moment when the record momentarily stopped but Urban continued to sing. Then they began singing to each other.

While sitting in the car, the chemistry between the two of them is undeniable. They smile, flirt and act the song out with their cute little gestures. It’s so cute that it will make you smile.

The song is about a man promising a woman that he will defend and support her.

The Song

“I was working with busbee that day; we were in London. I was actually driving to the studio to work on this other song we started, and I had most of it the chorus in my head, and it felt like I had most of the song in my head — the verses just had to flesh out. I walked into the studio and played the chord progression, and he built this track really quickly, and then I could sing over the top of it”. He continued and said “it was just a very quick, quick song to write, because I literally thought about Nic and I and our relationship in the beginning, and some of the things we had said all went into that song.”

Watch the adorable duet of Keith and Nicole here.



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