June 28

Bomb Scare was a Hoax: University of Texas Led to Evacuate


Tuesday afternoon, at around 2:40 pm when University of Texas Dallas confirmed on their Twitter account that they received a phone-in bomb scare.

Bomb Threat in Ut Dallas


This prompted UT Dallas to order evacuation to all its students, faculties and school personnel in order to avoid any unprecedented casualties or fatalities should the bomb scare happen to be a verified threat.  On the university’s official twitter account, it specifically instructed students to go to parking lots and stay away from the buildings until further notice.

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University of Texas Dallas Police Department’s Lt. Ken MacKenzie said that the campus received the phone-in threat around 2pm from unidentified caller blurting out the planted bomb while demanding a large sum of money from the university. While the university staff was skeptic about the said bomb scare, UT Dallas did not dilly dally and immediately alerted the authorities and particularly, FBI.


Lt. MacKenzie further detailed that the threat was very suspicious after the caller hung up and did not even discuss its demands and how it would be fulfilled.

At 3pm, University of Texas confirmed on their official Twitter account that the earlier mentioned tweet about the bomb scare was a complete hoax. This was also confirmed by the UTDPD after thorough inspection of the university.


Meanwhile, some people aired their frustration and anxiety about the said bomb scare online.

Harish Guada wrote:

“It was so poorly handled, most of us at JSOM didn’t know there was a bomb threat until the all clear message came.”

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Rou Ray wrote about the bomb joke and the fear it can bring:

“It likely was not a joke, but more an attempt to incite fear and anxiety in the community”

No other threats were recorded or reported during and after the said incident but the university and its students are hoping that this would be the last attempt of the anonymous caller. It can be remembered that in 2012 of September, a similar bomb threat horrified the Austin campus from a caller posing and claiming to be from Al Qaeda.


Bomb scare|University of Texas

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