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“Understand Your Man”: A Song in Cash’s I Walk the Line Album

understand your man johnny cash

Love and understanding should always come hand in hand. If you love someone you have to understand them in many ways. We are just human and we commit mistakes, and when we do something wrong people get mad. However, when you understand a person you’ll not be consumed by anger, rather with love.

The Song’s Content

The theme of Johnny Cash song is about understanding. When you listen to the song or if you don’t want to, rather read the lyrics, you can understand that the main character or the narrator is a man who is tired of his woman. It could be that the woman constantly questions the guy or doesn’t appreciate him. As said in the song,

“I’m tired of your bad-mouthin’,”

Perhaps the woman keeps bothering her man. The song seems to be cruel, but somehow real. Not only in that way but the other way around too. Sometimes, when it’s too much, we just want to walk away from it. Understanding someone in a relationship should not be one-sided. Both partners should work together to make things work. In the case of the song, the narrator might have tried his best to understand his woman but the woman doesn’t do her part. Therefore, the man decided to leave his lover.

“Understand Your Man” Performance

“Understand Your Man” was written and performed by Johnny Cash in 1964. It was one of his singles that is part of his 12 track album, I Walk the Line. The song itself peaked at No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs for 6 weeks in 1964. It remained on the chart for a total of 22 weeks in a row. Aside from the country song charts the song also secured a position on the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 35, for a total of 8 weeks only.

Remember to understand someone you love today. Here’s Johnny Cash’s video of his song, “Understand Your Man”

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