January 17

Do You Remember “Unchained Melody” from Elvis Presley?

Have you ever longed for someone that you kept on thinking about them? Anyway, how did you cope with it and what did you do? Longing for someone is not easy to handle especially if that person is dearest to your heart. You’re lucky if they are still around, but what if they have already left for good? That would be a lifetime of torment and longing.

Moreover, it’s natural for us to feel that way because we’re only humans. But tell me what you usually do to ease the loneliness that you feel? Do you go through the happy memories you cling on to like pictures, videos, or cards that the special person gave you? And while going through those happy memories, do you wish that they are still with you? Well, I hope that you can relate to this that I will feature from the Elvis Presley.

The Icon That Will Always Be Remembered

He is regarded as the “King of Rock and Roll” and one most significant icons of the 20th century. In addition, this artist also received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award due to his influence in the music industry. In fact, his style is being mimicked by other rising artists due to its great impact to a wide variety of audiences. Of course, how could you not forget the person behind the greatest hits “Love Me Tender,” and “Blue Suede Shoes?” I am referring to the Icon Elvis Presley.

Do You Remember “Unchained Melody” from Elvis Presley? 1
Photo Credits: Elvis Presley Official Home Page

The Perfect Song for Loneliness

What do you usually remember with your loved one? Is it a sad or happy memory? Further, I hope you will remember them once you hear this hit from Elvis Presley, “Unchained Melody.” This song was released in 1955 and it has became a massive hit ever since. The hit centers on a person who bitterly longed for his loved one but he cannot do anything. I hope that once you hear this classic hit, you will remember happy memories with the person nearest to your heart.


Elvis Presley

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