August 1

Young Cowboy Channels Hank Williams Sr. in a Walmart Performance

A young boy snagged local fame when he gave an outstanding performance at the Hinkleville Road Wal-Mart in Paducah. As an impromptu video, his singing went viral and earned him a lot of praises. His name is Mason Ramsey.

Roy Talley, a local shopper, was amazed and captivated when he heard the boy singing with passion for country music. The talent from the voice of the 10-year-old boy while singing some tunes throughout the store was also undeniable. Talley asked the young boy if he could possibly perform a few songs for recording that Talley would share with his friends on social media. Ramsey responded with delight and gave the nearby listeners and the newfound fan an amazing performance by singing some of the finest songs of the country legend Hank Williams Sr.

Wearing his camouflage jacket and cowboy hat, Ramsey, comfortably sat on the shopping cart as he impressed his viewer with his talent by performing “Hey Good Lookin’,” probing the classic hit with his southern twang and passion for country music. As he was summing up the song, Talley asked the little boy if he would warmheartedly give his version to the song “Lovesick Blues,” to which the boy joyfully obliged.

Talley said that filming the boy was totally a spur of the moment. The little boy lives with his grandmother in Golconda, Illinois. As shown in the videos below, this little man got skills; his love and passion for the country music is truly admirable.

Other than the viral video, Mason Ramsey also performed a few times live in the Kentucky Opry.  Winning the first price in the Beginner Division of the 27th Annual Kentucky Opry Talent Search. On January 31, 2015, he gained popularity that earned him the opportunity to attend the next Annual Kentucky Opries.  Comment down below to let us know what you think!



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