January 10

Louvin Brothers’ “The Christian Life” Perfectly Fits its Album, Satan is Real

Louvin Brothers' "The Christian Life" Perfectly Fits its Album, Satan is Real 1

The irony in the Louvin Brothers song’s title and the album on which the song appears is pretty obvious. Someone who’s an advocate of consistency could easily get notice of such satire and may even consider it a big deal. Can two things that mean exactly opposite each other be really joined together? In the Louvin Brothers’ country gospel hit “The Christian Life” that isn’t a soft of an issue. As a matter of fact, the song happened to be its album’s, Satan is Real, highlight.

On Satan Being Real

Judging from the lyrics, it can be concluded that the song has the perfect fitting on its corresponding album. By and large, the song speaks of the modest feelings derived from living a Christian life. In a world defined by swelling materialism, one’s tendency to be drawn towards it escalates with time. This scenario vividly paints Satan’s presence and rule in the world at present. As the song says, “My buddies tell me that I should have waited / They say I’m missing a whole world of fun.”

The friends’ association of living life to the fullest on a worldly premise is implying Satan’s influence. Satan is, ostensibly, real and not just an imagination.

Preference on Christian Life

But the Louvin Brothers displayed, as seen in their song, strong defiance against Satan’s sway even if doing so would lead their friends turning away from them.

As they counteracted, heeding God’s call won’t make them lose a friend. Indeed, with their inclination to Christian life, they would try leading their friends to walk in the light.

For every invitation from Satan towards his kingdom, the Louvin brothers exhibited stout refusal as a response. Their preference for living a Christian life remained steadfast amidst many temptations surrounding them. Thus, contrary to the album’s title track, the song displays a brimstone-and-fire attitude in a down-to-earth fashion.  Interestingly, the song regularly appears on the listings of best country gospel hits.



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