August 2

UK Couple Drops the Bomb Why They Shouldn’t Work: “Too Fat to Work”


Taxpayers far and wide will surely be enraged after reading this article about a couple based in UK, who cunningly used their obesity aka Too Fat to Work scam to their full advantage after convincing the government to provide for their so-called needs using taxpayers’ hard-earned money.

With a combined weight that went over 750 pounds, the couple, namely Michelle Coombe and Stephen Beer, headed straight to the benefits office and raised their concern that they were “too fat to work.” Both Coombe and Beer expressed their desire to maintain a steady job, but they reasoned out that their excessive weight gain was keeping them from functioning as efficiently as possible. Surprisingly, the UK government gave in to the jobless couple’s grievances and agreed to sponsor the “helpless” couple by providing them with a whopping $26,000 yearly—straight from the taxpayer’s wallets and pockets!

The couple even claimed that they were using the money they received on caretakers and other forms of support needed for their condition. However, after documentary filmmakers, who produced “Benefits: Too Fat to Work” conducted a thorough investigation, it was revealed that all that sum of cash was being spent to purchase items not related to support or caretaking of any kind. Rather, Coombe and Beer splurged moolah over their own, personal luxuries. They even used to it plan an extravagant winter wedding. The documentary further discloses that the said “obese” couple spent over $4,000 of taxpayer’s money on ornate decorative fixtures, expensive wedding invitations, buffet-style catering and duck plate.

In an interview with This Morning, Stephen Beer admits he knows that his actions are lowly and despicable. While he knows that he doesn’t “deserve benefits, he confesses that he is happy to receive however much the government is willing and to provide, while insisting that he’s been working his butt off trying to convince employers that he can be a viable addition to their company despite his weight.

The interview sparked an uproar from viewers nationwide. Concerned groups and individuals complained the injustice that obedient taxpayers are suffering while Coombe and Beer indulge comfortably in luxuries and lavish food made from the blood, sweat, and tears of their fellow citizens. Some even cited that the government could have promoted healthier lifestyle as their best option instead, then worked to help the couple lose weight and be more proactive.

If you were given the power, what cost-effective solution would you suggest to resolve and prevent scams like this from draining valuable taxpayer’s money?


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