December 13

Two Songs about Trusting God

I have mentioned in a previous article how the best antidote to depression is worship expressed in music. Stepping further, I would like everyone to turn to songs that talks about God’s capabilities. This way, we will not be tempted to fall back into self-pity. It takes our eyes off ourselves and towards our real hope, Jesus.

So here are two memorable songs with beautiful renditions.

“Known Only to Him” by the Statesmen Quartet

 “I Know Who Holds Tomorrow” by Alison Krauss

Both gospel songs are expressive and had to be sung with tenderness. The Statesmen Quartet and Alison Krauss were no disappointment. They treated each song delicately and with sophistication. Their voices and musicality did not, in any way, interfere in ushering their listeners to connect with God.

Back to the Songs…

Facing lots of uncertainties in life, we need to be hearing more of this stuff. They are simply solid in content theologically speaking. They highlight how the God who took care of our forefathers in the past is able to do the same for us in the future. Notice below.

The line,

” I know not what the future holds, but I know who holds the future”

(Known Only to Him)

Parallels with,

 “But I know who holds tomorrow, and I know who holds my hand”

(I Know Who Holds Tomorrow)

It would be hard to relate to those lines when we have no experience of trusting God at least once in our lifetime. But if we did, then let us be emboldened to trust him again. As one preacher once said, ‘If we could trust him of our salvation, then we could trust him in everything.” I know that is easier said than done. Sometimes, we could not help but succumb to fear and worry when facing misfortunes. There is no shame to that. Still, it is better to remind yourself that it is God who holds the future. Just do your part and he will take care of the rest.


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