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Get Lost in Conway Twitty’s Love Song “Lost in the Feeling”

conway twitty lost in the feeling

Have you ever experienced to be in love with someone and you feel like everything around you doesn’t matter but that person? If yes, then you are definitely lost in the feeling with that person. Falling in love is such a beautiful thing to experience, especially when it’s the beginning of a relationship. You can’t go a day without that person. Furthermore, being with that person makes everything seem fine.

Conway Twitty and His Love Songs

Always and forever, Conway Twitty will never fail to deliver an admirable love song that will really make you fall in love or want to fall in love. “Lost in the Feeling” is a love song written by Lewis Anderson in 1983. And as always, Twitty made it peaked at No. 2 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart for 21 weeks. Twitty is really the king of Country Love songs.

About the Song

The song is all about a man who’s deeply in love his lady. The song started when the man asked his lovely woman to dance with him. As time went by every step they take and every move they make, as they go along with the music they fall deeply in love. Falling in love with a person is like dancing, at first it’s difficult, but as you go along, you dance smoothly and gracefully. You enjoy every move and you get lost with every step you take, not minding what is happening around you. That is how falling in love is and how feeling lost in love is. Even when the music is done, you still need to dance just like love, everything must go on no matter how difficult it is.

Mark Chesnutt Version

Twitty’s song “Lost in the Feeling” was covered by country singer Mark Chesnutt in 2000, as a tribute to Twitty. Chesnutt’s version peaked at No. 59 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs in 2000 for 8 weeks only.

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conway twitty, lost in the feeling

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