July 14

TV Star and Willis Family’s Dad, Toby Willis Gets 40 years of jail, Guilty of Child Rape

46-year old Tennessee musician and reality TV star Toby Willis is now facing 40 years of prison after pleading guilty to statutory rape.


Toby Willis of Willis Family

 Toby Willis, Child Rape Charges

Since September 2016, Toby Willis has been spending his time in jail at Cheatham County Jail after being arrested for the rape of a minor between ages of 9-12 which he committed 12 years ago. Now, Toby Willis is expected to stay in prison for a longer amount of time after being charged and pleading guilty to four counts of child rape. Those sentences would run simultaneously giving him 40 years of jail time.

It was reported that Toby Willis pleaded guilty last July 11 at Cheatham County, Tennessee.

Before being arrested, Toby Willis tried but ultimately failed to flee and evade arrest resulting to his failed hitchhike in Greenville, Kentucky. It can be remembered last March 13 2017, Toby Willis initially pleaded not guilty to the said rape charges.

In line with this devastating event for all parties involved, Brenda Willis of the Willis Clan released the following statement through their family attorney, Bill Speek:

“The Willis family would like to thank their family, friends and fans for the outpouring of love and support during this most difficult year. Additionally, the Willis family would like to thank the many members of law enforcement for their detailed and comprehensive investigation of this matter. Finally, the family would like to thank the District Attorney’s office for their diligence and sensitivity in the handling of this case.

The family has remained fully cooperative throughout the investigation. Although the criminal case has concluded with Toby Willis receiving 40 years for the crimes he committed, the impact on the victims will remain much longer. The family is appreciative and grateful that people have respected their need for privacy during this trying time and asks for continued respect as they seek to move forward.”

The Willis Family, TV stint

Before Toby Willis’ infamy, The Willis Family enjoyed small screen fame as the musically inclined family star in their reality show called “The Willis Family” that aired on TLC. They first gained attention after their America’s Got Talent stint. Their TV series run for only two seasons after getting canceled last September following the arrest of the family’s patriarch.

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