Without a doubt, Vince Gill is one of the most celebrated artists in country music. He has recorded numerous songs. More than 40 of which charted on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Also, as a songwriter, Gill penned many of his singles. One of these was the 1994 hit “Tryin’ to Get Over You.” The single was released on his I Still Believe in You album. Gill had the chance to share his hit with the bluegrass and country music artist and multi-Grammy Award holder Alison Krauss. Blending their amazing vocals together resulted in no less than a powerful duet performance.

Watch them set the stage on fire with their incredible rendition of Gill’s “Tryin’ to Get Over You.”

video courtesy of CMT

Before the great singing started, you will see Krauss making a hilarious comment about the first time she heard the song. She mentioned what she thought of the singer’s voice being so female sounding. Her joke appealed to the audience making them laugh quite loudly. The audience was left in awe as soon as the pair’s singing commences. As expected, their delivery is seamless and no part of it would make you feel less satisfied.

And oh, let’s not forget that Vince Gill is himself a Grammy’s awardee. So, having two holders of Grammy trophies joining their singing prowess on stage is one-of-a-kind.

About the Song

The fifth single on Gill’s album, “Tryin’ to Get Over You” is a song of heartbreak. The narrator expresses how he is coping with the pain after his spouse left him. Most of the lyrics evoke a poignant feeling, reflective of what a broken hearted person is going through. Gill and Krauss were able to capture excellently this vibe in their performance. Anyone who’ll find the song relatable will certainly take things too far. Either they would feel the pain all the more due to the powerful message of the song, or they will be delighted with the superb delivery of the tune.

Photo credit: Vince Gill/Official Facebook Page

Gill’s recording back in the early 1990s was already notable. It’s no wonder the song reached No. 1 on the country chart. It also marked the singer’s last chart-topper hit until after twenty-three years. He scored his next top country song in March 2017 with a guest vocal on Chris Young’s “Sober Saturday Night.”

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