June 22

Try Not To Sing Country Edition


Try Not To Sing Country Edition 1

I know you love country songs and so do I. Did a song ever come on and you instantly burst out the tune before making your way to the dance floor? You can’t help but throw your arms and legs everywhere in the hope you look like a great dancer while you scream the lyrics at the top of your voice? Or is it just me?

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How about when you’re driving and a really awesome song plays? Let’s face it. Certain songs play, and you must sing! You also more than likely dance and act like a fool. It is hilarious to all of the other people in other cars that are watching you.

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For several months now, a lot of videos came out of the social media sites that compile great tracks from the different eras and different genres. Videos of people trying out the challenge are also everywhere.  Like what the FBE staff did, who got people into a room and play some catchy songs that a lot of people would know the lyrics to. It was interesting to see how they tried so hard to resist singing along with the songs. Some even added an extra challenge by trying not to dance along with the song’s rhythm.

Guess what? I found a country edition! I tried a few and it is quite a challenge indeed.



We really can’t stop the beat, can we?


It seems pretty easy at first, but once you keep watching it gets impossible, or at least I could not help myself from singing out loud as soon as the second song started.

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I dare you! How long can you last before giving up to the rhythm?

I watched these three-part videos, and I failed miserably at the “TRY NOT TO SING” challenge. How would you do?

Please send me your comments and thoughts about how well you did. I would love to hear from all of you.


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