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Pres. Trump and America’s Last Stand as a Christian Nation

The Election that Shocked Everybody

Pres. Trump and America's Last Stand as a Christian Nation 1

November 8, 2016, was more than a historic day for America. On the surface, it was just another day of revealing about the nation’s new head of the state. Media, polls, and group rallies were unanimously proclaiming Hillary Clinton’s victory. As we’ve openly witnessed, Trump has developed a bad reputation for his racist slurs, sexist statements, and narcissism. Hence, a majority were rooting for Clinton.

But the surprise of all surprises! Donald Trump won as the 45th President of the United States! Not a single soul was not stumped. Both parties were also shocked at the announcement: Clinton for losing and Trump for winning.

Country Music Stars: Each to his or her candidate

Practicing their right to freedom of speech, not a few Country singers went public with their political stances. Among those who endorsed Trump were Loretta Lynn, Kid Rock, Brad Paisley, Kenny Rogers, Justin Moore, Aaron Lewis, John Rich, Larry Gatlin, Trace Adkins, and Charlie Daniels.

Clinton, likewise, has her supporters including the Dixie Chicks, Chely Wright, Kacey Musgraves, Jason Isbell, Margo Price, Ryan Adams, Brothers Osborne, Steve Earle, Cam, and Karen Fairchild.

All throughout the presidential campaign, there’s partisanship regarding political views. Those differences did not, however, cause a rift to their kinship as one family under the umbrella of Country Music genre. In fact, a majority preferred to keep mum on issues about politics like Dolly Parton. (Wish the same thing could be said among Christian groups, but I digress.)

What’s Life Like under President Trump’s Administration?

In January, BBC released an article tackling the impact of Trump’s administration. They’ve presented a summative observation over policies regarding the Immigration, Court, Infrastructure, Healthcare, Trade, Tax reform, Environment, Economy, and Foreign policy. Their bottom line, however, is that Trump’s report card failed to deliver his early “make waves” statement.

In the same vein, entries in Wikipedia chronicling Trump’s presidency were less likely to come to his favor.

On the flip side, Trump’s supporters took it for themselves to highlight their chosen leader’s benevolence through social media and community forums. To sum, Trump is America’s voice of reason for the preservation of America’s tradition and God’s instrument to America’s revival. His campaign slogan was to “Make America Great Again.” As for the press, the New York Times and The Atlantic gave voice to such sentiments.

Why the Disunity among Organized Religious Groups?

Ideally, as a united Body of Christ, Christians must agree with their choices of leaders. But given the fact that we could not even agree over several doctrines, the same applies to our differing opinions over which candidate is worth casting our votes on. Hence, we could be divided into three categories.

Those categorized as “liberals” rightly opposed Trump on account of what seemed as his thirst for power synonymous to the “White Supremacy” mentality. Under his “Make America Great Again” slogan, they’ve interpreted his intents as incompatible to Christian ethics and values. Conservatives, on the other hand, believe that he’s God’s instrument to restore America to its former glory.

Not every Christian wanted to be associated with any camp, though. (And that’s for several valid reasons which do not need discussing in this article.)

Tough Choices for Pres. Trump: Which is the lesser evil?

Since his first day in the White House, Trump has been getting a lot of heat over his decision-making that can be considered as far out political. Two of the most controversial were the forbidding of Syrian refugees to enter the country and his bold declaration that Jerusalem is Israel’s rightful capital despite Palestinian territorial claim.

On moral grounds, Christians leaning on the liberal camp strongly opposed Trump’s policy about closing the nation’s door to the refugees. Christianity’s central value is “Love.” Not addressing the plight of those in dire need like the refugees is a direct contradiction to that claim. To be fair, that’s a valid point for Christians to do something even at the risk of perceived betrayal in the future.

However, as the nation’s head, Trump won’t have any of that. Love him or hate him, but he’s genuinely concerned with the safety of his people. Following all displays of terrorists from bombing, to ISIS live broadcasts beheading people, and news of attacks in Europe by radical Islamists, Trump would rather err on the side of caution.

Of course, not all refugees are terrorists. But let’s get real. History alone could bear witness how along with the influx of immigrants, the states’ enemies have sent their assassins to wreak havoc and confusion in their territory assignments.

President Trump on Immigration
Video Courtesy: C-Span

And what of Israel? For years, this small country has to fend itself from violence and invasions from neighboring middle-east countries. Current Prime Minister Netanyahu reached out to former US President, Barack Obama to “stand in the UN council and veto anti-Israel resolutions.”

To their dismay, Obama did not stand with and for Israel on that day. Now, will we still find fault with the current President for his effort of peace-making as seen in the following speech?

FULL SPEECH: President Trump declares Jerusalem as the capital of Israel
Video Courtesy: WPTV News

To be precise, it’s more than for the interest of peace that the President did those above. For those who have studied and developed Scriptural insight and foresight, the global recognition of Israel as an independent state and the return of Jerusalem as its capital was the fulfillment of Biblical prophecies.

From Christianity’s perspective, the fate of the United States of America is closely tied to its relationship with Jerusalem. If the USA stands with Israel, the Lord will bless the country. But, if they’ll succumb to political pressures and abandon Israel, the country is in danger of judgment.

As King Cyrus to Israel, so will Trump be to the US

Bet most of you, dear readers, are familiar with this part from the Hebrew history when the Israelites were taken captive into Babylon. For their backsliding, Yahweh disciplined his chosen nation by allowing the Babylonian army to conquer them.

He, nevertheless, promised to restore them if they’ll only turn from wickedness, depart from idols, and humble themselves before Yahweh. Israel’s children responded, and in Yahweh’s mercy and faithfulness to his promises, he raised a King named Cyrus. He was Yahweh’s hand in sending the Hebrew remnants back to their land to rebuild, to repair, and to start anew. That, exactly, is what President Trump is advocating today.

What Most of Us are Missing

God is God. Once he moves, no one and nothing on earth can stop him. The Bible says that just as he can remove wicked kings from their thrones, so can he put rulers, even unlikely ones, to offices and positions of power.

In Trump’s case, it’s fair to say that at the onset, he did not seem to embody the righteous and God-fearing leader we’re instructed to support. Throughout his campaign, he’s big-mouthed and seemingly a no “do-gooder.” But God, who is true to his word says nothing is impossible to him. He’s able to transform and tame even the vilest person in the world.  

Pres. Trump Says, “Our Nation was Founded in Prayer”
Video Courtesy: CBN News

So before Trump’s Cyrus role, he is first a Nebuchadnezzar whom God is using to humble his church in America. (Columnist from “Communities at The Washington Times” Amanda Read wrote a brilliant article expounding on the subject. Read it here. ) Hard as it is to accept, we lack true love in our hearts. We’re quick to blame others’ sins for our miseries forgetting that at the foot of Christ’s cross, we’re all sinners. Hence, lest we continue in the illusion that no mishaps will come to us, God put an unlikely person to office.

On a national level, Trump as the modern Nebuchadnezzar will be used to purge the country of corruption and uncleanness. Before our eyes, we saw that beginning to happen.

Trump on “Draining the Swamp” of Corruption
Video Courtesy: Bloomberg Politics

And what’s new about counter portrayals of Pres. Trump as the real kid-bully on the playground of politics? Admittedly, there are tons of videos, books, and photos available online which any columnist can present as pieces of evidence for that claim.

What the 44 Presidents Have Not Done, Trump Delivered

Headstrong as he already is, Trump boldly moves the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. As expected, it infuriated politicos and accused him of ulterior motive beyond peace-making. That’s what it looks like in the natural. From Christians and Messianic Jews perspective though, it’s another Bible prophecy fulfilled.

Video Courtesy: BBC NEWS

First was the proclamation of Israel as a State, followed by the move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem. What’s next? It won’t be long before Trump volunteers US resources to help rebuild Jerusalem’s temple.

Seeing from God’s Perspective instead of Ours

Fears of displacements and economic downfall are indispensable. Having lived in a first-world country for years, Americans could not imagine becoming another nation’s underdog. Even without a psychologist saying so, one can easily see that such unreasonable fear breeds prejudice, authoritarianism, and self-importance. If we are to be honest with ourselves, that’s how most of us will reason based on mere observations.

Whether we accept it or deny it, that’s how the rest of the world perceives our giving of support to President Trump.  Remember that if there’s idolatry in our hearts, we’ll be inclined to follow a leader who’s full of himself. And on the surface, that’s how President Trump has been widely portrayed to the public.

Most of us, however, forget that we’re finite beings with limited understanding. Let us then consider our best thoughts as nothing but foolishness compared to God’s counsel. The state of a nation will always be dependent on the state of churches. If there’s division, corruption, abuse, and all forms of ungodliness in churches, the same will happen to the land they’re in.

Let’s recall that if God allowed conquering countries to overpower his chosen nation-ancient Israel for their continuous rebellion and disobedience, can he not do the same to us?

It’s Not All Doom and Gloom for America

We’re not excusing all the filth and unrighteousness wrought in the country. But which country is sinless? Passing the buck to the lawmakers and the White House will get us nowhere, either. The key is in our repentance, preferably, as a nation. As one of Reba McEntire’s songs says,

“We’ve got to give this nation back to God.”

Are we listening? That’s not just another singer or song writer’s ticket to fame and album sales. That’s actually what God was telling us; we need to do if we were to expect him to bless us again.

Undeniably, we are a proud country. Some for good reasons but most aren’t.  But, there’s hope for this nation. God remembers the covenant that many godly men and women made in the American soil. Even knowing that this temporary world will pass, they contended in prayer for God to intervene over the affairs of the United States. God heard and remembered their prayers. He meant to answer them so in came the role of Pres. Trump.

Prayers for President Trump: Christians Civic Duty

In the name of doctrinal distinctions coupled with privileges, churches have long been fighting the wrong battle. But when Trump became president and after recovering from the shock, Christians learned to toss aside their petty convictions and focused on praying for him.

Even without many words, we know that a ruler can either be God’s hand of judgment or blessing. Hence, churches were moved to be in one accord through the setting-up of “prayer-watch” over the President’s life and actions.

While it’s true that it is our sworn duty as God-worshippers not to allow ungodly men to reign in our land, we’re also commanded to pray for those in authority. It no longer mattered whether we like Trump as a person or not, or whether he’s indeed God’s appointed ruler or not. He’s now the crowned king of the land and every citizen’s bound to submit to his authority.

What he’ll become, be it a righteous leader or not, depend on our prayers. And are we not seeing our prayers get answered?

How We See Pres. Trump Reveals What’s In Our Hearts

It’s too early assume, true. Politicians were known to be great actors. However, when we’re seeing acts of righteousness manifesting in our laws under Trump’s watch, shouldn’t that tell us something?

Putting away political power play, Trump stepping into office revealed much of what indeed is in the hearts of Americans. Some don’t mean well like those who exalt race over another. But for those who only see one race-the human race, Trump is God’s arm to teach people about his Deity. For long, we’ve pigeon-holed God in our boxes of theology. Too much that we’ve even become haughty in spirit as if we’ve got him all figured out.

But look at what happened! It’s not a choirboy, but a man full of flaws whom God made head over us. That should humble us. Hope we’ve learned our lessons by now not to judge anything before its time.  

Trump’s Term is Our Period of Grace

Let us not be negligent over our duty to pray for President Trump. Let’s lift him to the council of heavens for purging and for God’s agendas on earth to continually influence his decision-making. As we’ve discussed in length, those agendas have already started manifesting. Now all hell’s against this man. Only the “effectual and fervent praying” of godly people can keep him from harm.

Let us pray for the President to complete his term that God’s works of righteousness be done in the US. By then, our faith would be strong enough to make a stand against the coming government of the anti-christ.

“Lord, in this critical hour in our nation, we pray for unity in America. Only You can bring unity, harmony, and oneness in America.”
– lifted from the National Day of Prayer in 2018

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