December 14

The Late Troy Gentry’s Beautiful Marriage with Angie McClure

On September 8, 2017, country music was immensely rattled by the sudden passing of Troy Gentry, the other half of the Montgomery Gentry duo. He was on board a helicopter when it crashed midway towards its destination in New Jersey. The tragic incident left fans and loved ones of Gentry in shock and in agony.

While countless tributes have been made in honor of Troy Gentry’s work and contributions as a talented musician, this time, we relive another significant part of his life. Truth be told, today marks the 18th anniversary of his marriage with wife Angie McClure.

Their wedding took place in Hawaii. McClure and Gentry’s union gave birth to their child Kaylee. Kaylee was born in November 2002. According to Gentry, being married to Angie helped him become a more mature person and musician. The time he spent with Angie taught him to be more responsible than he ever was and value his family over his usual social life back when he was still single.

“Angie and I have date nights, but I travel a lot for work, so I find comfort here at home.”

They had shared hobbies and interests, some of which include going to the zoo, theater, and ballet. They were also both part of the local Make-a-Wish-Foundation in Nashville. The foundation helped them live a married life that’s centered on God, family, and respecting those around them.

In all the 18 years that they’ve been wed, they stood together as one, even through the toughest times. Specifically, when Angie was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014, Troy Gentry gave his wife his undying support. Thankfully, her cancer was cleared in 2015. Gentry stood by her through session after session of chemos, a double mastectomy, and reconstruction surgery. The couple ended up being advocates for breast cancer awareness, too.

Hey everyone,Troy here. As you know, we launched this “Check Your Headlights” campaign for breast cancer awareness in…

Posted by Montgomery Gentry on Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Clearly, Troy Gentry did not just live his life as an influential and talented artist. He also dedicated his life being the greatest husband he could ever be to Angie, and that is something that will always top his legacy as a singer whenever, wherever.


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