September 20

Trisha Yearwood Just Turned 52 and She’s Still Stunning

Trisha Yearwood just celebrated her 52nd year yesterday. Born on September 19, 1964, in Montecillo, Georgia, the successful country singer and TV chef had yet another reason to celebrate.

The doting wife of another triumphant country singer, Garth Brooks, Yearwood spends her birthday with her loved ones, expressing her gratitude for all the blessings and opportunities she has been granted for the past months.

But before she reached the impressive accomplishments she now has all the rights to brag about, she once grew up in a humble childhood, exposed to the beauty and distinct flavor of country music. She grew to love classic tunes from the most legendary country artists that she also aspired to become a star singer like her idols. Similar to her fellow aspiring artists, Yearwood’s journey to achieving her dreams was no easy feat. She tried her luck and began to search and book an agent in Nashville. However, her efforts did not bring her any fruitful results. She continued to audition and seek an agency that would book her as an artist in various locations.

Fortunately, during the first half of the 1990’s, Trisha Yearwood was finally able to make her big break in music. Even at the earlier years of her career, she was determined to showcase to the audience her capacity to become a true and full-fledged singer.

She debuted with her self-titled album in 1991. From there came her first massive hit, She’s In Love With the Boy. The track immediately left listeners raving for more of Trisha Yearwood’s songs, thanks to its sweet, catchy, and Last-Song-Syndrome worthy lyrics and country beats. It reached the number 1 spot on the charts and has since made a huge splash for the name Trisha Yearwood in the music industry.

At present, Trisha Yearwood has gone on what can be considered as one of her husband’s most successful tours ever. She is also busy with the 10th season of her TV cooking series, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen.

Trisha Yearwood is truly a great role model for both her fellow female country singers and to younger, aspiring artists. We surely wish her more happy and fruitful years to come!



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