July 24

Touching Tribute: Teens Spontaneously Sing their Respects to Fallen Soldier’s Remains


As supposed mundane day for the teens and passengers on a plane that landed on Atlanta, Georgia, was a day of mourning and loss for the family of a departed WWII soldier.

The plane, which flew from Germany, landed in Atlanta. It was then when the pilot informed its passengers onboard that the plane was an army private who was in-charge of a very important yet heart-wrenching task—and that is to usher the remains of the WWII soldier to its final resting place. As such, out of respect to the deceased soldier, the pilot would have to deplane the aircraft for the meantime and give them the opportunity to leave the plane first.

The private began walking down the aisle, only to be startled by some teenagers suddenly rising from their seats. Out of nowhere, these teens began belting The Battle Hymn of the Republic. They sang in such beautiful harmony, and it filled the aircraft with such raw emotion and a heartfelt, bittersweet atmosphere. As it turns out, the group of youngsters who stood and sang to pay their respects to the soldier, were members of the Iowa Ambassadors of Music Choir. The choir members sang so stunningly from their hearts that passengers, and even the private and pilot found themselves fighting back tears. It was truly an unforgettable and moving experience for all those who were present to witness such act of kindness. It was also evident that the teenagers have never once encountered the soldier prior to the flight, and this was proof that what they did was out of the sheer sense of honor that they felt for the fallen warrior.

It’s not every day that we get to be spectators of our fellow men showing their love and respect to one another. Having said that, we, alone, have all the days of our lives to make such an extraordinary act of love become something that’s integrated in our lifestyles. In short, we must learn from these teenagers and show value to the people around us—strangers or not.


Students Honor Soldiers

These students just brought music to our ears.Video credit: Facebook.com/diane.cupp.9(via Happiness Heroes)

Posted by 22 Words on Sunday, March 12, 2017



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