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Why Rick Trevino Was “Running Out of Reasons to Run”


Why Rick Trevino Was “Running Out of Reasons to Run” 1

The Song: In Brief

This up-tempo song entitled “Running Out of Reasons to Run” has wordings penned by songwriters George Teren and Bob Regan. Recorded by American country music artist Rick Trevino, the track was released in October 1996. It was included on Trevino’s CD titled Learning As You Go as his second single. Topping the Billboard Hot Country Singles &Tracks chart, the song is his only number one hit on the Billboard country charts. Interestingly, both the track and its album have a version in Spanish-language. The album is entitled as Mi Vida Eres Tu while the song is “Se Escaoan Mis Razones”. The translation of the song was credited to Manny Benito. Meanwhile, the track has a side B called “See Rock City”. This later became Trevino’s fourth single on the same album.

Given Trevino’s “convincing” vocal performance, as described by Billboard magazine, it’s no wonder the song became a number one hit. Moreover, it received a positive review from the said magazine. Its reviewer, Larry Flick, said the musical instruments used have made perfect blending that resulted in an appealing melody. Watch the music video below for you to be more satisfied.

Abstractions About the Lyrics

The song shows a man who used to run all his life. He has all the reasons to do such. But the moment he fell deeply in love with someone, he thought that he finally found what he’s looking for. All of those that kept him on the go paused for a while. Suddenly, everything around him including his restless heart had slowed down.

With the love that he and his partner have started, he realized that he’s running out of reasons to run.

Not being in a hurry, he wants to treasure each moment spent with his significant other. Also, the narrator stated that he no longer need to chase down the setting sun since he has finally found where he is supposed to be – beside the love of his life.

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