January 25

Let us Help Randy Travis Carry the “Three Wooden Crosses”

Sometimes, we need to experience a huge trial before we go to Him. Hence, that is the only time that we will acknowledge God as our savior. Have you ever encountered miracles in your life? Or any blessings that you’ve desired and it was granted. Those testimonials alone are a proclamation of faith that He is mighty and powerful. If we will read the Bible, we can encounter a lot of parables referring to testimonies and redemption. Anyway, I hope that you’ve heard the hit from Randy Travis, “Three Wooden Crosses.” This hit is a good example of redemption by a sinner who changed after accepting God. Life is short, we need to make wise choices before it’s too late. For sure, we don’t want to suffer in the end.

The Multi-Talented Artist

He is one of the most successful country artist in the industry who has sold over 25 million records. Further, he is a recipient of multiple recognitions due to his contribution and influence to the industry. In addition, this artist also appeared in numerous film and television series. I guess you’re familiar with Randy Travis, who is also the man behind the hits “Diggin’ Up,” and “No Place like Home.”

Let us Help Randy Travis Carry the “Three Wooden Crosses” 1
Photo Credits: Randy Travis Official Home Page

Rise and Shine

As humans, there’s a lot of things that we think of, a lot ideas, wishes, and on how we can make our life better. Moreover, some of us ask the help to a higher Being for our wishes to be granted. But have you asked yourself if your faith is enough for you have those things that you’ve asked for? Well, to better help you out on this, why not listen to the hit “Three Wooden Crosses” from Randy Travis. I hope that this hit will boost your faith once you’re listening to it. 



Randy Travis

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