April 8

Travis Tritt and his Version of the Hymn “Why Me Lord”

All of us commit mistakes; some of them are intentionally done and some are accidental. Humans are also known to be weak. Most of us can’t resist temptation. That’s why a lot of people take the wrong road which can lead to their destruction. In spite of this, God is always there and ready to forgive. Plus, he is willing to accept you as long as you confess your sins sincerely. To help you realize your mistakes.

Travis TTritt, why me Lord
Photo Credits: Travis Tritt/Official Facebook Home Page

Travis Tritt: The Pride of Georgia

He is considered as one of the legends in country music since he has a long line of successful career. Travis Tritt started his music career in 1989. He became one of the noticeable artists due to his distinct vocal power. In addition, Tritt is not just a singer because he is also a songwriter and an actor. Moreover, he popularized the hits “Help Me,” “Anymore,” and “Can I Trust You with My Heart.” His music style was defined as a country and southern rock which is being mimicked by rising artists of today.

Travis Tritt, why me lord
Photo Credits: Travis Tritt/Official Facebook Home Page

With his great success in the music industry, Travis Tritt received two Grammy Awards. Plus, he is also a member of the longest running radio station in the U.S. which is the Grand Ole Opry.

The Song of Forgiveness

Why Me Lord” was originally written and recorded by the American singer Kris Kristofferson. The hit was released in 1973 and it landed on the number one spot. Due to its popularity, a lot of artists made their own version of the song and Travis Tritt is one of them. The hymn talks about forgiveness, regret, and of being weak. But, don’t worry because once you feel this unhappiness, you can go to God and ask for help.

Go ahead and listen to the version of  Travis Tritt of the hit “Why Me Lord” and let’s hope that this song will help you.


kris kristofferson, Travis Tritt

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