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Randy Travis is Keepin’ it Country with “A Few Ole Country Boys”

Nowadays, the good old country songs we used to know are slowly being overshadowed by the pop-country songs we hear on the radio. That is why most traditionalist will never consider the new country music as real country music. One song that noticed this change in the country music industry is Randy Travis’ single “A Few Ole Country Boys.”

About the Song

“A Few Ole Country Boys” tells the story of a singer who talks about his inspiration, a country singer he used to listen on the radio.

I’d hear you on the radio

I sure did like your sound

Say it’s good to know there’s still

A few ol’ country boys around

In addition, the narrator of the song feels great that despite the many changes there are still a few things that remain to be what he calls as real country.

As long as there’s a jukebox

And a honky tonk in town

It’s good to know there’s still

A few ol’ country boys around

“A Few Ole Country Boys” by Randy Travis and George Jones

Randy Travis is one of the known Neotraditionalist country singers. He performs and records songs that still showcase the style of country music known in the past. Travis’ recording of the song “A Few Ole Country Boys” perfectly fits him. He released the song in 1990 for his album Heroes & Friends. His song “A Few Ole Country Boys” was a collaboration with George Jones. It has reached the US Billboard country chart at number eight. In addition, their duet also secured a spot on the Canadian chart.

Randy Travis George Jones A Few Ole Country Boys
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Travis and Jones together is a perfect combination in country music. Their vocals were in harmony, and you can also see how they joy performing the song in the video below.

Heroes & Friends

Heroes & Friends became Randy Travis’ sixth studio album. His album was a collaborative work with different country artists. Aside from George Jones, Travis worked with Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Vern Gosdin, Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette, and many more. Two songs from his album were released as a single (“A Few Ole Country Boys” and “Heroes & Friends”). In addition, the album reached number one on the Billboard country chart.


George Jones, Randy Travis

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