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“Honky Tonk Women” Supplements Perfection To The Dance

There are so many ways we use music, specifically country sounds. Some use it as an outlet for their emotion such as anger, happiness, and grief. Others use it to reminisce the past, to help them bring back the good ol’ memories. Somewhat, others would use to show their love and affection. But whatever your means of ways, country music definitely gives us the feels and the chills.

Moreover, I really believe that everything can be more satisfying with a touch of country melodies. For example, a pop song turned into a country song, of course, covered by a country artist. Another would be, a conversation with a background of a country track. Also, a celebration or an event all glazed with a Country theme and country sounds.

But the most interesting would be a Ballroom Dance or a Dancesport. It can really be entertaining with a patch of a country tune.

The Smooth And Graceful Dance…

Just like these two dancers, they jive so beautifully to the tune of “Honky Tonk Women” sang by Travis Tritt. They are Jason Colacino and Katie Boyle. Both really move smoothly. In addition, both can be seen with simple jeans and white tops, unlike ballroom dancing that shows much skin. This alone adds a pleasant sight of the dancers. With just the country song and their good dance moves, it’s essentially an astounding performance.

Watch until the end of the music video. I’ pretty sure you’ll be amazed by how good they dance with the song “Honky Tonk Women”.

Li’l Bit ‘Bout The Song…

“Honky Tonk Women” is a 1969 hit song by the Rolling Stones. It was released as a single only, on 4 July 1969, in the United Kingdom, and a week later in the United States, although a country version was included on the album “Let It Bleed”. It topped the charts in both nations.

The song was written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards while on holiday in Brazil from late December 1968 to early January 1969, inspired by Brazilian “Caipiras” (inhabitants of rural, remote areas of parts of Brazil) at the ranch where Jagger and Richards were staying in Matão, São Paulo.

Furthermore, two versions of the song were recorded by “The band”. The familiar hit which appeared on the 45 single and their collection of late 1960s singles. Then, a honky-tonk version entitled “Country Honk” with slightly different lyrics, which appeared on “Let It Bleed” in 1969.

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