October 17

Tracy Lawrence Calls Us to Pray Our Life Through like It’s all “Up to Him”

Life down here is rough. Faith, throughout the years, has carried people to keep believing and holding on to hope. Funny how the idea of it often gets mocked. It’s a mere crutch Christian fanatics manufacture they say. But with a shoulder shrug, today’s featured track from ICMA member, Tracy Lawrence gives people a peek into the consciousness of a believer presently plodding his way on this temporary world.

“Up To Him” by Tracy Lawrence (Official Music Video)
Video Courtesy: Rocky Comfort Records

Bits About “Up to Him”

Written by Tim Johnson & David Kent for Lawrence’ 10th studio album, “The Rock” was released in 2009. The cut was a perfect fit for Country, CCM, and Gospel genres. Both motivational and timely, “Up to Him” charted with ease reaching 47th as a single from the album’s release.

The rest of the tracks were equally inspirational that many will appreciate it without the feeling that they’re getting preached at. In full, the album was a winner for Lawrence as it reached the 4th spot on Billboard’s Top Christian Albums. Additionally, it led the way to Lawrence turning heads in the Grammy for his nomination in Best Country, Southern & Bluegrass album.

Why the Single is a Keeper

Professional and fan base critics combined to hold “Up to Him” in a positive light. For one, AllMusic member, Todd Sterling commented that Lawrence wisely opens up about his faith without beating “people over the head with self-righteous religious rhetoric.”

In the same vein, Country Weekly magazine observed that the single’s appeal is on its emphasis on the “shared imperfections that we all strive to overcome in order to be good people.”

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