October 16

Tracy Dartt Tells Us How God can Move a Mountain

Initially, it is natural for humans to look at problems to be as huge as mountains. Despite this, we forget the essential being that can help us and it is God. When we focus on God, the problem looks small, but if we focus on the problem God seems small. Anyhow, our problem is just as little as a pea and God is as high as a mountain. There’s no problem that he can’t solve, just as the song “God On The Mountain” says.

Let us always put it in a positive way that God is giving us problems or trials for us to be closer to him.

“Our Faith”

In the Bible, there’s a lot of verses that talks about faith and one of them can be found in the Book of Mathew. It talks about Jesus healing a demon-possessed child.

Mather 17:20

He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

Further, this is a classic example for pastors, ministers or priest if they will have their preaching or sermons in church. Jesus is not teaching us to have faith like a mustard seed; instead, He wants us to know where to place our trust. Thus, many of us have this attitude sometimes; we don’t know where to set our faith.

In addition, in the story, the boy’s father let his son go to Jesus, he asked for his compassion and mercy. Without a doubt, Jesus was moved, and He cast out the demons. Nothing is impossible once you believe. Even if we have faith as small as a mustard seed but if our faith is strong and pure, He will be moved.

“God On The Mountain”

“God On The Mountain” was written by Tracy Dartt, a gospel singer who was born in 1944. He started his music career when he was in high school. In addition, with the help of Mr. Richard Riggs, his music teacher, he was able to polish his skills in music. Thus, he switched to gospel music in the 60’s when he joined a teen choral.

Tracy Dartt is a talented person with a hundred songs that he had written, “God On The Mountain” was the most remarkable. Further, the song was even nominated for a Dove Award. It was one of the well-known songs that Dartt had made. To date, a lot of gospel artists had made their version of the song but for me, it is not who sung it, but it’s the message. In closing, we all go through shaking times, but let us not forget the great being who can stabilize those shaking moments.

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God On The Mountain, Mr. Richard Riggs, Tracy Dartt

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