December 17

Hey Guys, Let’s Greet Tracy Byrd a Very Happy Birthday!

What do you usually want to have on your birthday? The thing that you’re dying to get? When I was a kid, all I want to have is material things. But as I grew up, all I want to have is a job that pays well, good health, and fruitful life until I die. Sounds simple? Well, it’s not easy to have all those; you need to work your ass off. Thus, if you have the determination and passion, then you will be able to have it just like Tracy Byrd, whose career has been so lavish when he started in the music industry. Anyhow, it’s his birthday today, guys, so let’s ask him what does he wants on his special day.

The Pride of Texas

He is one of country music’s successful superstars who is still active in the industry to this date. Also, who can remember his hits “Holdin’ Heaven,” and “Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo?” Anyway, this singer pushed more than thirty singles to slam in the number one spot on Billboard Hot Country Charts. Of course, I’m referring to none other than, Tracy Byrd.

Tracy Byrd was born in Vidor, Texas on December 17, 1966, in which he spent most of his childhood. Moreover, as he grew up, Byrd loved listening to country music, but he never thought of becoming a superstar.

The Chart-Topping Masterpiece

This song was one of his masterpieces, and this hit reached number one on the Hot Country Charts. Hence, this song was included on his self-entitled debut album. I hope you still remember “Holdin’ Heaven” by Tracy Byrd. The song is undeniably enchanting because it received positive feedback from critics. Let’s just hope to hear more from him.

From Country Daily, we wish that Tracy enjoys his special day and let’s hope all the best for his music career.


Holdin’ Heaven, Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo., Tracy Byrd

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