July 5

Trace Adkin’s New Hobby is Apparently ‘Nude Hunting’

Once in a while, country artists reveal themselves not only using songs that they write but also on their most realistic and ambush interviews but country star Trace Adkins was pretty much prepared to tell his story about his recent nude hunting.


Trace Adkins about Nude Hunting
Photo Courtesy: Taste of Country


Nude Hunting, Trace Adkins

On his interview before conquering the stage at CMA Music Festival sporting his cowboy hat while facing the press, the “Ladies Love Country Boys” singer narrated the story on how he discovers that he might be good at nude hunting and shooting wood peckers. Trace Adkins started:

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“I walked outside this morning in my boots naked and shot a woodpecker who was beating on the end of my house and woke me up. I just ratted myself out, cause that’s actually against the law to kill a woodpecker. But, he woke me up.”


So we can conclude now that Trace Adkins is a very difficult man to rob and you do not want to mess with this man because apparently, Trace Adkins also admitted that he sleeps with a double barrel shotgun by the bed and he does not like surprises and would go for another blow. He continued his story:


“I have a double barrel shotgun by the bed, and I just picked it up, dumped the buckshot out, put the light load back in … pulled on my Red Wings, walked out the door, walked to my truck. Saw him up there. Beat on the hood so he’d fly, and shot him.”



4th of July performance, Still a Soldier

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While we’re happy that Trace Adkins is doing something sideline, his real job as a country artist would be witnessed once again as he would be performing alongside other singers for “A Capitol Fourth” to pay tribute to USA’s troops and veterans.


“It’s been my privilege to meet thousands of those folks over the years through work I’ve done with veterans’ organizations and at their core, they are still soldiers,” Trace Adkins explained as he is set to perform “Still A Soldier” for this special event.


Watch the interview here:


H/T: Rare.Us


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