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The Wonderful Message of Trace Adkins’ Single “You’re Gonna Miss This”


We all cannot wait for things to end so that we can begin a new chapter in our life. We try to rush things because we cannot stay at that moment. Sometimes we wish that the future will come as soon as it can. However, what we don’t realize is that this moment we are in happens only once in a lifetime. Once today is gone you cannot bring it back, and you are left with memories you can’t change. Sometimes you’ll be left with the regret of rushing into life instead of savoring every moment.

Trace Adkins’ Recording of “You’re Gonna Miss This”

“You’re Gonna Miss This” is a country song that has amazing meaning and lesson to teach us. It was written by Ashley Gorley and Lee Thomas Miller in 2008. Trace Adkins recorded the song for his album American Man: Greatest Hits Volume II. With it, he received his last and third number one song on the Billboard country chart. In addition, it also secured a spot on Hot 100 of Billboard. Adkins’ song is two times Platinum-certified by RIAA in 2018.

Trace Adkins You're Gonna Miss This
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American Man: Greatest Hits Volume II Album

Trace Adkins’ album American Man: Greatest Hits Volume II is a compilation album containing thirteen songs. Some of the songs in the album were newly released (“I Got My Game On,” “You’re Gonna Miss This,” and “American Man”). The album reached number three on the Billboard Country Album chart. Furthermore, it placed at number twenty-two on the Billboard 200.

What the Song’s About

The song has a powerful message that makes us realize to live life slowly. It shows different events in life, and in each event, the main character is rushing to move ahead of the future. However, there are people like the narrator’s mother, father, and the plumber who remind her to take things slowly. She wanted things to move forward, but she was told by others to treasure this time because someday she will look back and miss it.

You’re gonna miss this
You’re gonna want this back
 Gonna wish these days hadn’t gone by so fast
These are some good times
So take a good look around
You may not know it now
But you’re gonna miss this

Here’s Trace Adkins’ single about living life one day at a time.


American Man: Greatest Hits Volume II, Trace Adkins, You're Gonna Miss This

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